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Duke Cybersec

Duke Cybersec

Cyber Education at Duke

Cybersecurity at Duke Annual Conference

Cybersecurity at Duke is an annual conference that brings together key players and thought leaders in cybersecurity, information technology, technology policy, and legal and regulatory experts interested in advancing cybersecurity practice and innovation.

ME in Cybersecurity

By joining the Duke Cybersecurity Master of Engineering program, you will become a member of a cutting-edge and fast-growing community of professionals working to solve some of the most complex risks that are impacting organizations globally.

Through a flexible and adaptive curriculum that responds to most innovative industry trends and priorities, The Duke Cybersecurity Master of Engineering is the program for you, whether you have just graduated from college or are a military veteran, cybersecurity analyst, cyber intelligence professional, attorney, cyber policy expert or business leader who want to build or advance your career. Duke Cybersecurity Master of Engineering students come with diverse academic backgrounds like English, political science, business administration, law, and computer science and engineering.

CISO Executive Certificate

The 11-week Duke CISO Executive Education Program empowers chief information security officers, government officials, corporate managers, and executives to confidently and effectively address cybersecurity threats. Moreover, the course will enhance competitiveness in the field by fostering the foresight needed to adeptly manage future cyber risks. Facilitated by leading global experts and practitioners, participants will engage in a rigorous online curriculum and gain proficiency in diverse subjects, including but not limited to cloud security, operational technology security, artificial intelligence/machine learning security, and various other pertinent topics.