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Duke Cybersec

Duke Cybersec

Cyber Education at Duke

Day 1 - October 24, 2024

An observation and prediction on threat actors use of AI to target organizations with this emerging technology.

A discussion on how organizations can protect themselves from threat actors using AI to conduct ransomware attacks.

The beneficial impact of AI in enabling cybersecurity organizations.

Discussion on the impact of AI on US cyber policy in the US and internationally.

The transformative effects that AI has/will have in securing multinational organizations like NATO.

A discussion on how the cyber insurance market is evolving to manage the claims being made during cyber breaches, given that their costs to organizations continues to increase year to year.

Discussion on how FBI Cyber investigators analyze the TTPs of nation-state threat actors versus criminal threat actors and how these groups may use AI to facilitate their malicious activity.

Day 2 - October 25, 2024

The advent of AI adds another risk element to industrial control systems that are used to manage critical infrastructure in organizations.

Discussion on how AI can assist organizations in managing risk from third parties.

Implications to individual privacy from AI and measures that can be taken to minimize information leakage.

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A discussion with a CISO on how AI can aid an organization in managing cyber risk.